Atlantic Salmon Splash

My family and I have just weathered a late fall hurricane, nor’easter, winds, rains and power outages.  Fortunately, no storm surges came to our town, but I have now a greater appreciation for our coastal location and of the storm-tossed seas teaming with sea life.  It inspired me to create this quick watercolor of an Atlantic salmon splashing up out of a river’s waters towards spawning grounds.  The biggest challenge was painting the splash.  How to convey the water droplets and the spray of freshwater emanating out and upwards?  Painting the salmon itself was a real pleasure, especially the slightly grey belly and the splashes of pink at the tail and near the eyes.  I also wanted to convey the convexity of the sky above, recognizing the roundness of our planet and the miraculous aspect of how our oceans and rivers make up so much of this orb we share with these beautiful creatures who live underwater.  Like this Atlantic salmon, they sometimes breach the surface, and we get a lucky glimpse of them.

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