“Stay, season of calm love and soulful snows!” — Claude McKay

Winterscape 2011 - Montvale_croppedSnow is a challenge to capture in watercolor.  It requires use of the white of the paper — its negative space.  I was not patient with this small watercolor painting.  I wanted to capture the fleetingness of fresh snowfall.  It can change so quickly and turn into a grey slush.  There is a hint of the limbs of the trees and of a house and a porch.  There is not much more detail, though, and just gestures of the leaves of the giant rhododendrons.  Overall, I wanted to look at this painting and feel the quiet and the peacefulness in the scene (and the frostiness), which I actually experienced, standing outside taking it all in.  This line from a poem by Claude McKay seemed to be a most appropriate and expressive caption.

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One thought on ““Stay, season of calm love and soulful snows!” — Claude McKay

  1. Your lovely painting reminds me of the first blizzard of the season and how wonderful it feels to be snug in my home sipping hot chocolate seeing the snow swirl and blow outside my windows.

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