Autumn Lake

Greenwood Lake in AutumnBack in my comfort zone a bit with this watercolor painting.  I’d gone to this lake in the fall, taking several pictures and doing some quick sketches.  The sun was overhead and glistened on the water between some clouds.  I wanted the undersides of the clouds to be darker, as they actually are.  The sun that shone through intermittent clouds caused the hills at left to vary in hue from darker to lighter greens.  I used frisking fluid to mask out the white glimmers on the top of the waves on the lake where the sun broke free of the clouds.  I also used it to keep the sailboat and mast and buildings white.  So, then I could easily paint over those areas with a wide brush from left to right, with the darkest blue tones at the lower left of the scene and the greenest nearest the lands.  The sailboat’s darker reflection in the lake helped bring out its bright whiteness.  This painting really captured for me the feeling I had when I was there last September, before the storm clouds of Sandy arrived.

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2 thoughts on “Autumn Lake

  1. Jeff Loy on said:

    Shimmering…Beautiful….and Alive!

    -Jeff Loy

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