Thai Boy

Thai Boy Astride Stone Calf_v2  A friend and former colleague of mine was originally from Thailand, and when she got married to a wonderful man from Australia, she invited me to her wedding in Bangkok.  I jumped at the chance to visit this amazing country, marveling at its Buddhist temples, delicious restaurants, Thai massages, vendors selling exotic fresh fruits and the juxtaposition between old traditions and new technology.  While strolling through an area of the city where temples were prevalent, I spotted this young boy playing astride a stone calf.  Atop the stone calf’s back was a stone boy in traditional costume.  I couldn’t resist his astonished look towards me when I decided to snap his photo.  I’ll never forget this scene.  My watercolor, as always, began with a detailed sketch.  There was a stone column in the background, which I omitted, as it distracted from the composition.  Surprisingly, painting the boy’s skin and expressive face was the least challenging and the most enjoyable for me.  I struggled with the stone calf and statue of the small boy in traditional garb.  Likewise, striving for value contrasts was difficult for me.  I really wanted the greenery of the background to provide a strong contrast; somehow, I feel it’s too static, and perhaps I could have abstracted it more.  Also, painting a rough stone was not easy.  Lastly, I couldn’t quite capture the little boy’s winsome expression.  He looks a bit more perturbed at me in the watercolor than he did in the reference photo!

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